• Reviewed by: jennifer  on: 2022/10/22 20:20:22
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  • Reviewed by: steve  on: 2021/5/7 19:06:33
    Order dinner like we have done multiple times in the past year or so. Usually, give them my number and they pull up the items that we normally order and have our address for delivery no problem. Tonight they didn't seem to have that info. Gave my delivery address and order along with the phone number. After an hour of waiting for delivery, we called back and were told the address was no good. And that they called several times to get the correct address. I gave the address again and was told it was not a usable address. So Cancelled the order. Would have chosen to email my issues directly to management but there is no email address. So this was the only way to contact them. Probably the last time we will order from them. Sad because we have had good service in the past.
  • Reviewed by: tinphishie  on: 2021/4/26 12:35:29
    On 4/26/21, I and a coworker placed a lunch order at 11:30am. We were told it would be 45 minutes to 1 hour to deliver to our work place, which is no problem even though we are located nearby. After an hour had passed, we called to find out where the order was, and were told that there was no address listed for the delivery order and they had written down the wrong phone number for the order as well, so when they tried to call back, they could not reach us. We gave a delivery address at 12:40pm and when the food arrived at 12:50pm, the food was listed correctly on the receipt, but the food in the boxes after the driver left was incorrect. When we called to speak with a manager about this order, the person who answered the phone hung up on us. Normally love the food and service. Very disappointed with the food and the poor service this day.
  • Reviewed by: afagz2tg  on: 2021/11/29 5:44:41
  • Reviewed by: litripigna1981562938  on: 2021/11/29 5:44:01
  • Reviewed by: mobeapawes2  on: 2021/10/18 6:18:58
  • Reviewed by: mobeapawes2  on: 2021/10/18 6:18:56
  • Reviewed by: martyk9  on: 2021/1/2 13:20:42
    I have come to the conclusion that the management of Wok N Grill do not care how they treat people. I hope they go bankrupt. and close.
  • Reviewed by: marlabrauburger  on: 2021/1/17 16:45:33
    Took over a hour to get my food. Food was cold and a brown liquid was leaking out when I took stuff out of the sack. Very disappointed.
  • Reviewed by: gv334l  on: 2020/5/25 14:24:02
    I placed an online order for delivery. Called when it hadn't been delivered after 70 minutes. They had no record of the order. The guy I talked to was more interested in pointing out it wasn't their fault then he was in making it right. Then he hung up on me. This is the third time in nine months their online system failed, but the only time I've been treated so rudely. I will never place an order with you again. Greg Veeh Twin Falls, ID
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