• Reviewed by: koyle171  on: 2019/1/22 16:46:15
    I came in and ordered 3small sides of fried rice. There were only about 5 tables of people in the restaurant at the time. They took my order and said it would only take about 10 minutes. 20 minutes later I asked how much longer and was told it would take another 15- minutes. During my wait other customers came in and the make at the front looked dazed and confused when asked questions then would just walk away. All while the employees in the back were just talking and joking not making any food at all. It took over a half hour to get some rice. This is the second time this has happened to our family in the last month. Your customer service has declined tremendously and we will not be back, and we will tell other people about our terrible service here.
  • Reviewed by: marilynholt  on: 2018/8/31 16:50:03
    OMG. My meal was wonderful!!!! This was the first time I ordered from you and it WILL NOT be the last. Thank you so much. It was just what I needed. Keep my address on file because I’m sure I will be ordering again. Great Job
  • Reviewed by: zerahlyons138417  on: 2018/6/7 19:37:30
    Where is my order it's been an hour
  • Reviewed by: lcmjensen  on: 2018/6/30 17:41:27
    Hey, just got our order and our crab rangoons are horrible! Very fishy tasting and not your normal. Neither my granddaughter or I were impressed. Just sad.
  • Reviewed by: dmech2005  on: 2018/5/30 17:19:18
    If you want to eat before midnight order dinner around 2 in the afternoon delivery is slower then all get out.
  • Reviewed by: dmech2005  on: 2018/5/30 17:14:55
    Where's my order? Its been an hour already. Order number 521427175
  • Reviewed by: megan_kay16  on: 2018/4/14 19:16:06
    To Whom it May Concern, I am with the Oregon Trail Elementary PTA in Twin Falls Idaho. We are looking for donations to raffle off during our school carnival May 18th. Any items/discounts/gift cards would be greatly appreciated. I have a donation letter I can send if needed! Thank you
  • Reviewed by: spinnerman27  on: 2018/4/11 17:58:37
    We were seated in a booth that had food dried on the wall and the salt and pepper shakers were sticky and had food dried on them also. Moved to another booth and there was food splattered on that wall too. It was dried like it had been there for some time. Spoke to a waitress about it and she said that they would take care of it at a later time. Very unpleasant dining. Most likely will not return.
  • Reviewed by: marilynholt  on: 2018/12/3 18:49:18
    Delivery ticket #652051. Ordered at 5:38. Did not receive until 7:15. Food was COLD ..Very VERY disappointed. I believe I should get my money back!!!
  • Reviewed by: hahn.rosemary  on: 2017/12/29 10:09:52
    I have visited twice in the past year. I order the American food dishes. When I ordered a burger that's what i received, a burger and a bun. Nothing else was on the plate. The 2nd time I ordered a hot ham and cheese sandwich. Again that is all i received, a smashed ham and cheese sandwich, nothing else.
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