• Reviewed by: spinnerman27  on: 2018/4/11 17:58:37
    We were seated in a booth that had food dried on the wall and the salt and pepper shakers were sticky and had food dried on them also. Moved to another booth and there was food splattered on that wall too. It was dried like it had been there for some time. Spoke to a waitress about it and she said that they would take care of it at a later time. Very unpleasant dining. Most likely will not return.
  • Reviewed by: marilynholt  on: 2018/12/3 18:49:18
    Delivery ticket #652051. Ordered at 5:38. Did not receive until 7:15. Food was COLD ..Very VERY disappointed. I believe I should get my money back!!!
  • Reviewed by: hahn.rosemary  on: 2017/12/29 10:09:52
    I have visited twice in the past year. I order the American food dishes. When I ordered a burger that's what i received, a burger and a bun. Nothing else was on the plate. The 2nd time I ordered a hot ham and cheese sandwich. Again that is all i received, a smashed ham and cheese sandwich, nothing else.
  • Reviewed by: debtemmerman  on: 2017/12/19 19:04:59
    been ordering for 7 Yrs. tipped driver $ 6.00 for wrong order .thanks for no dinner ,,Brett Temmerman
  • Reviewed by: test  on: 2017/11/22 1:01:12
  • Reviewed by: blpajohnston  on: 2016-10-20T20:28:05.505-07:00
    They can't seem to get orders correct for delivery. Forgot my salad and one of the appetizers. This
  • Reviewed by: Rick  on: 2016-10-19T12:49:29.849-07:00
    Every time I go here it gets worse. Service is terrible. We will not be returning
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